Simon Bolivar Buckner Junior

Simon Bolivar Buckner Junior

Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. was born the 18 of July 1886 in Hart County, Kentucky, died 18 of June 1945 was an American general during World War II. He led the US 10th Army during the landing at Okinawa where he fell during the last days of the battle. Buckner thus became the highest American officer who died by enemy during the war.

Buckner was son to the Governor of Kentucky Simon Bolivar Buckner senior who was also general on the Confederation’s side during the American Civil War.

Buckner Jr. served as soldier in World War I and was promoted to brigadier General in 1940. He became the first commanding general of Alaska Defense Command. 1943 Buckner was promoted to Lieutenant General. The year after, 1944 Buckner was sent to organize the Tenth United States Army in Hawaii.


Invasion of Normandy

June 6, 1944, the invasion of Normandy began. The countries that participated were many. Britain, USA, Canada, France, Poland, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg and Greece.
We remember the day and show some pictures from the invasion’s first day.

Normandy Briitish

Brittish soldier.

Normandy canadian

Canadian soldier.

Normandy Omaha us

American soldiers.





The Dutch merchant ship Amazone was built and launched in May 1922. Almost exactly twenty years later, the ship was wrecked. She meets her fate 6 May 1942. Amazone was hit by a torpedo fired from a German submarine off Florida’s coast. Amazone sink within two minutes. On board there were 34 people. 14 of them died in the attack, the others could be saved. All on board were Dutch except two. One was Swedish and the other was from Switzerland. The latter died in the attack.


Martin Ekström

Martin Ekström

Martin Ekström was born in Sweden 1887 in By, Avesta Municipality, Dalarna. Ekström join the army 1905 and became a sub-officer at the artillery.

Ekström was military Instructor of the Persian Gendarmerie from 1911 to 1915. Persia was neutral during world war but both sides ignored it. Ekström joined the German army. Ekström became a lieutenant and fought against the Russians. In 1916, Ekström returned to Sweden.

When the civil war in Finland erupted, Ekström joined the nationalist side.The nationalists; “the white” was supported by the Germans while their opponents were supported by Russian troops. Ekström was appointed Lieutenant Colonel at the end of the war. In 1919, Ekström fought in Estonia for the white side. After the war Marin Ekström lived in Finland. 1934 Ekström return to Sweden.

Martin Ekström was very anti-communist and saw the National Socialism as a protection against the Bolshevism. Ekström was leader for the National Socialist Bloc, Nationalsocilaitiska blocket. The party that was the national social party that was furthest to the right of all the many Swedish national social parties did not succeed and put down a few years later.

When the continuation war broke out, Ekström became volunteered and join the Swedish Volunteer Corps as an officer. Lieutenant colonel Martin Ekström led the 3rd Battlegroup of the volunteers.

Ekström was also in the Finnish army 1941 when the war aginst Soviet started. During the autumn of 1941, Ekström led a Finnish unit on the Hangö/Hanko front.

Martin Ekström hade plans to join the German army but nothing happened. Ekström return home to Sweden but was in Finland when he ends his life 1954.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia became independent 1932 the regent was King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud who rule to his death 1953. Saudi Arabia was neutral when the war broke out. The conflict still affected the country when Saudi Arabian was a major producer of oil. Only the Allies had the opportunity to buy oil and the country was tied closer to the allies. The King refuses to support Axis supported coup in Iraq in 1941. In February 1945, the King had meetings with both the British Prime Minister and the US President. In February 1945, the King declares war on Japan and Germany but it is only formal.

The King of Saudi Arabia and the Prime minister of the United Kingdom.  February 1945.